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Who are at a high risk of dental disease?

sean-websterExperts recommend that you visit your dentist regularly at least twice a year, even if you have healthy teeth. Regular visits lower the risk of you developing any dental problems and keeps your teeth and mouth clean, strong, and hygienic. However, there are a few categories of people who have a high risk of developing these dental diseases. It is recommended that these people visit the dentist at least 3 to 4 times a year to ensure that they do not develop any such disease.

People with a high risk of dental diseases


Smokers are the people who have the highest risk of developing dental diseases. The ingredients in a cigarette cause the teeth to turn brown and affect their overall health as well. The effect that smoking can have on your teeth is very quick, which is why it is recommended that smokers visit the dentist more regularly than other people do at http://dentist.kelowna-bc.ca/.

Pregnant ladies

When a woman is pregnant, there is not much that can be done in case she develops a cavity or any other tooth or gum-related problem. This is because some of the tools used by the dentist, such as the X-ray machine, and the numbing medicine used can cause problems to the health of the child. Visiting the dentist regularly during pregnancy can ensure that the teeth stay clean and if a disease is beginning to develop, it can be caught at an early stage and dealt with as soon as possible without having any impact on the child.


In case a person has diabetes and it is not properly taken care of, they have more chances of developing gum or dental diseases. If they do develop a disease, the blood sugar level goes crazy, making it tough to control it and bring it back to normal. Hence, it is best that such people pay a regular visit to the dentist to make sure that they do not develop any disease that may cause a lot of problems later on.

Individuals who have a weak immune response to infection

When your immune system is weak, it will take a longer time for it to fight off the bacteria present in your body. Even then, it may not be able to do so properly. Hence, the bacteria start affecting the health of the person. This can lead to fever, pain, bleeding and various other symptoms. This is why it is highly recommended that people with such a problem visit the dentist regularly to ensure that their mouth stays bacteria free.

People with the tendency of getting cavities or plaque

If you have the tendency of getting cavities or plaque, which can be due to many different reasons, it is best that you visit your dentist at least 3 to 4 times a year. Not only will the dentist keep a check on your teeth’s health, but he will also carry out proper cleaning, eliminating the chances of a cavity or plaque buildup.